Virtual Training.

Please read carefully.

Please read the information below carefully to avoid any issues with your DSPT enrollment.

Direct Support Professionals (DSP):

  1. You are expected to give 100% of your attention to the training. Other work-related or non-work-related activities will not be tolerated.
  2. You are responsible for downloading, producing, and/or printing required training materials. See links below.
  3. You are required to have a tablet, desktop computer, or laptop with audio and video capabilities. Mobile phones are NOT advisable.
  4. You are required to show your government issued ID/s on the first and last day of your class.
  5. You are always required to be visible on the screen with proper clothing and appropriate environment for learning (not in vehicles or restrooms).
  6. You are expected to have access to your DSPT account. This is where you take your final test. If you are not able to test on the final testing day, you will receive a failing mark and would need to re-enroll again. Please contact our DSPT helpdesk at (800) 910-4604 a few days before the final testing day if you do not have access or having trouble signing-in.
  7. You can verify information on your DSPT enrollment and your class schedules by signing-in to your DSPT account.

Licensees / Administrators:

  1. Please ensure that the following information above are read by your DSPs.
  2. Please ensure that DSPs who are attending their DSP Training are not assigned to any work assignment. DSPs are expected to give 100% of their attention to the training.
  3. Please have the DSPs contact our helpdesk directly at (800) 910-4604 if they have any issues with their enrollment or DSPT account.
  4. Please ensure that DSPs have sole access to their DSPT account. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED for Licensees or Administrators to access the DSP’s accounts. This may invalidate the DSPT test results and for the account to be locked.

Training Materials (Download and Print):

Student Resource Guides (Per Session) Year 1
Student Resource Guides (Per Session) Year 2
Student Resource Guides (Fillable Versions).
Medication Administration Skill Check Guide.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk at (800) 910-4604 (Monday to Friday / 9 AM to 4 PM - closed on all legal holidays) or send an email to

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